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  • Collecting your unique family needs
    to understand your family requirements.

  • Shortlisting appropriate homes
    We find the appropriate care home vacancy.

  • Achieving a successful placement
    We advocate for you to achieve placement

Getting Started

Aged care placement advice

You will be advised by an experienced residential care placement team to achieve a successful placement outcome.

Tailored placement plan

Each family has different requirements. We will discuss your specific needs and answer any questions that you have about residential care - a detailed placement plan will be prepared from the information gathered.

Experienced and professional aged care placement service

We are Australia's most experienced aged care placement advice and assistance service. We have helped many family clients to make the transition from the family home to a retirement village, assisted living, supported residential care or Commonwealth regulated aged care home.

Testimonials for Aged Care Connect

Aged care placement

" Thankyou again for your efforts, your advice and your support in guiding both mum & dad and us through this minefield of complexities! your help and generosity of time, understanding and compassion have been valued indeed! I'm grateful that this has resulted in an outstanding result with mum and dad settling in more each day - and mum actually saying yesterday "I cannot fault it at the aged care home" that's a long way from "I would die before I would go there" just 2 months ago!! So our thanks to you Wishing you all the joy of the season " (Anita P. - December 2014)

RAD negotiation

"We just received notification from Sharina at the aged care home that they will take John and Jean with a very reasonable accommodation payments. We have accepted their offer of accommodation and will pick up the paperwork tomorrow. Thankyou so much for your assistance in this matter. We could not be happier with the outcome." (Catherine Boehm - January 2014)

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