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"There are many ways that we help a family through the stresses of placing Mum or Dad into suitable residential aged care; most of these are based on our knowledge and experience, but our clients report the biggest benefit: is just to have a caring advocate working beside the family as they take each step." Mrs Elizabeth Carroll (Aged Care Connect)

Aged Care Connect was established in 2002 after observing the difficulties that families encountered when they approached the arduous task of placing a loved one into aged care.

Each new family approaching the task had very similar concerns, ardently undertook the same activities, devoted significant time and effort only to uncover the same information and many times unfortunately made the same mistakes as families that had gone before them.

There had to be a better way to complete this process and to achieve a positive outcome for the family.

We set about to completely understand all aspects of aged care placement ranging from the alternatives available, the way in which the financials are calculated, the quality of care and lifestyle activities delivered by the aged care providers and emotional aspects commonly experienced by the family.

We made it our mission to be able to provide this collected information to new families to reduce the level of anxiety and stress for family clients. Aged Care Connect has gone on to assist more than 1500 family clients through the aged care maze.

A number of our placement consultants have successfully completed the Aged Care Quality Assessors course conducted by the Aged Care Standards and accreditation Agency Ltd.

This awareness of the quality standards in Australia's aged care system combined with the experiences gained through working with so many families means that we can justifiably claim to be one of the very few services who fully understand all issues surrounding aged care placement.

We enjoy sharing our knowledge and experience about aged care in Australia with new clients and being personally involved with the family during this most important and emotional time.


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