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Accommodation Bond Negotiation

Aged Care Connect has experience and strategies in place which benefit any family being requested to pay a bond or extra service fees. We have become experts at Accommodation bond negotiation.

Are you being asked to pay a belated Accommodation Bond with No Residential Care Agreement Signed?

Are you being asked to pay Accommodation bond payments a considerable time after your loved one has entered residential care? If no residential care agreement has been signed within 21 days of admission, it is important that you contact us immediately. You may be eligible not to pay any Accommodation bond.

What is the aged care Accommodation bond?

An Accommodation bond is usually paid when a resident permanently enters a low care or extra services high care aged care home. The Accommodation bond is an interest free loan from the resident to the aged care provider. The interest earned from the Accommodation bond monies is used by the aged care provider to maintain their current building or to build new aged care homes for future residents.

Is the level of the bond set by the Commonwealth Government?

Absolutely Not. Many families are surprised to find out that the Accommodation bond is negotiated between the family and the aged care operator. There is definitely no fixed level of Accommodation bond.

How much Accommodation bond will I pay?

There is no fixed amount for a bond. The amount of the bond is to be agreed between you and the aged care provider. Bond sizes can vary widely between residents in an aged care home as well as between homes, even in the same locality. However, you cannot be charged a bond which would leave you with less than $43,000 in assets as at 20th March 2013.

Does the level of Accommodation bond have an impact on the quality of care being delivered?

Absolutely Not. There is no relationship between the level of Accommodation bond that a resident pays to the level of care received once they have been admitted to the aged care home.

Should you be asked to pay a "minimum bond" by the aged care operator?

Absolutely not. Before the global financial crisis, some aged care operators were dramatically increasing their "minimum bond" levels Acceptable to enter their aged care. Because residents's asset values were increasing at the time (especially real estate values), aged care operators enjoyed increasing their "minimum bond" levels skywards.
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