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Aged Care Assessment Team / Service

What is the Aged Care Assessment Team / Service ?

A network of Aged Care Assessment teams (ACATs) have been established to assist older people and their carers work out the most appropriate level of care that will best meet their needs when they are no longer able to manage at home without assistance.

All Australian States use the same structure of assessment, however in Victoria each team is known as the local Aged Care Assessment Service (ACAS).

Contact details for your State Aged Care Assessment Teams:

Australian Capital Territory

New South Wales

Northern Territory


South Australia



Western Australia

ACATs provide information on suitable care options and can help arrange access or referral to appropriate residential or community care services such as Home and Community Care (Hacc).

An ACAT assessment and approval is a mandatory requirement before you can request government sibsidised residential aged care, Community Aged Care Packages (CACPs) or Extended Aged Care at Home (EACH) Packages.

The family or care receiver should talk to your own doctor first to see if you need to be referred to an ACAT. The ACAT is usually based at a hospital or community centre and may include a doctor, nurse, social worker, physiotherapist or occupational therapist. Once you have made an appointment, a member of your local ACAT team will visit you in your home or in hospital to make an assessment of your needs.

The ACAT will talk with you about what services you may need and what is available in your area. They will discuss the result of their assessment with you, and arrange referrals to community care services or a place in aged care, if this is appropriate. Your doctor or local hospital can refer you to an ACAT.

What does the Aged Care Assessment Team service cost?

There is no cost associated with the ACAT assessment - it is totally subsidised by the Commonwealth government.

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