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Aged care placement - cultural needs

While each family situation has a different set of requirements, there are a number of standard questions that seem to be asked by our family clients. We hope the answers provided here will help you in your aged care placement activities.

What happens if we have different cultural needs and we need residential aged care?

Quality aged care is a basic right for all older Australians, whatever their background, no matter where they live.

There are many care and support services that are designed to meet the needs of older Australians. But some groups of people need additional services. Veterans, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, those from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds and people in rural and remote areas all have particular needs that must be provided for to preserve and enhance their quality of life.

No matter what your gender, ethnicity, culture, language, economic circumstance or geographic location, the Aged Care Act 1997 facilitates your access to aged care.

People from different cultural, language or religious backgrounds are able to access all aged care homes and the homes must acknowledge and respect your cultural identity.

But some homes provide additional services that are specific to your individual needs as well.

Aged care homes will encourage and help residents to maintain existing links with cultural, national or social communities, and to take part in the social life of those communities.

Aged care homes may arrange for a translator, if you need one, to help explain your needs and preferences. People living in aged care homes have the right to practise their own religion; some homes have their own chapel or quiet room.

Some homes have regular visits from clergy or can arrange transport to places of worship.

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