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Aged Care Placement

Our dedicated placement team will:

•Provide independent and unbiased advice about aged care places, dementia specific care, assisted living apartments and supported residential options.

• Explain the strengths and features of individual facilities so that you can make valid comparisons and more informed decisions.

• Match the appropriate care and accommodation to your family needs ensuring care level, location preferences, financial situation and social aspects are met.

• Arrange tours of facilities, including transport if needed.

• Complete the Request for Asset Assessment to Centrelink or DVA.

• Complete and lodge placement application paperwork.

• Monitor and receive fast notification and response to vacancies.

• Negotiate the RAD and/or DAP and related care fees to achieve the optimal financial arrangement for your family.

• Provide an accredited travel nurse for interstate moves.

• Provide advocacy and support during the settling in period.

Selecting the aged care home ...

If selecting the right aged care home simply involved just browsing an online aged care directory or reading glossy brochures !

Common sense must tell you otherwise.

The truth is that a complete assessment of quality care, accommodation, and lifestyle services provided by any aged care home requires proper research and time-consuming tasks that must go well beyond looking at well chosen images and marketing content provided by aged care providers.

What would the marketing group know about levels of care anyway?

Making sure that you make the best decision can sometimes be overwhelming. What is the quality of care provided? Are the care staff only "task orientated" or do they go that extra step to ensure that residents enjoy a quality experience ?Are there worthwhile activity programs established? Is the aged care home within the family budget? Do you take a vacancy just because it is there - or will you regret the hasty decision?

There are a large number of factors to consider, so choosing the right aged care home for your family can become a daunting task for a beginner.

Our Experience ...

Aged Care Connect has been actively involved with helping families with aged care since 2002. There is no substitute for this experience and deep knowledge, gained from working with families going through the same issues that you face today.

Along our journey, we have been careful to collect useful information and insights into all aspects of aged care placement.

If you're totally at a loss as to where or how to begin your search, contact us and we can share this useful advice with you. It makes us feel great too; our team is built upon the utmost compassion and empathy for the family situation during this emotional time.

Knowing that your loved one resides in a caring, calm and tranquil environment will definately give you peace of mind.

At the very least, we hope you explore our website and find some really useful information that has a direct and positive influence in assisting you in finding the appropriate residential care for your loved one.

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